Pastor William & Dr. Laura Brown​​

Transforming Life Church Ministries

Saginaw, Michigan

I am glad you are visiting the website of The Father's ARM Covenant Partners. This is an exciting time in the move of God. It's great that you are involved in it. I pray that you will consider joining this network as a spiritual partner with me and my other partners. You will find it to be a spiritually refreshing covering for you and your ministry efforts.  Contact us about how you can get involved. Let's grow our faith together!

Our Vision is to assist in the development, growth, and sustainability of the ministry efforts of nonprofit Christian churches, pastors, para-church groups, ministry groups, lay ministers, and individual spiritual sons and daughters who choose to join this Christian network. We will certify, license, ordain, mentor and equip ministers and stewards for their Christian service and spiritual calling to the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ. We emphasize sound business practices as bible believers.

Our Beliefs

​​​​​​​​Dr. Linda J. Kemp Revis

Linda J. Kemp Revis Ministries

Midland, Michigan

Our Partners

Dr. Willie F. Casey

New Hope M.B. Church

Saginaw, Michigan


​​​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Angel DeJesus


Midland, Michigan

Our Vision

The Ministry Network of Dr. Anthony Revis

We are a faith based Christian fellowship without denominational tenets. The Holy Bible is the standard for our ministry works, operations, and interactions within the fellowship. Our membership is voluntary based upon agreement with the principles of the Holy Bible, moral character, good citizenship and Christian ethics, and a review of your ministry purpose and standards. We believe that the quality of your ministry effort is important and that you should strive for excellence in all manners of execution. We promote growth through God's Word. Read FAQs